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Fabrication Info

DifficultyRating: 6 / 10

Components 61
Resistors 34, 2 Thermistors
Capacitors 3 Electrolytic, 4 Polyester
Diodes 3
Transistors 8
ICs 3
Other 1 Pot, 1 Switch, 2 Trim Pots

Be careful, there are 4 different kinds of transistors on this circuit. Make sure you get the right one in the right place. After you build the VCO, it is a good idea to Test the circuit after you build it, this will make tesitng (and troubleshooting, if you have to) the other sections much easier.


You might want to mount Q8 on a SipSocket, so that you can put a HighGainTransistor in there.

If you are unsure of your soldering skills, you can also mount the 3 ICs on DipSockets. Also, if in the future one of these ICs were to fail, you will be glad you socketed them!

Mistakes to avoid

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