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AVR 8-bit

When purchasing AVRs note…

  • The -10xx means 10MHz max speed, -16xx means 16MHz, etc.
  • However, the speed the chip can run at is proportional to the voltage, check the datasheet for the max speed at a given VCC (its near the end)
  • The -nnPx means DIP, -nnAx means TQFP and -nnMx means QFN
  • The -nnxU means RoHS, -nnxI is not RoHS
  • The V postfix means "Low voltage" generally 1.8V+
  • The P postfix is 'picopower' which is a different chip fabrication technology, thus Atmega168P is compatible with but slightly different than the Atmega168. P parts can run as low as 1.8V

ATmegaXX8 Family

Image Part # & Datasheet Flash SRAM Distributors EAGLE library
atmega168_t.jpg Atmega328P-PU (DIP) 32K 2K Digikey Mouser avr-6
Atmega328P-AU (TQFP) 32K 2K Digikey Mouser Arrow Farnell AU/UK avr-6
atmega168_t.jpg Atmega168V-PU 16K 1K Digikey avr-6 " Atmega168-PU 16K 1K Digikey Mouser avr-6
" Atmega48V-PU 4K 512b Digikey Mouser avr-6


Image Part # & Datasheet Flash SRAM Distributors EAGLE library
attiny2313dip_t.jpg ATTINY2313-20PU 2K 128b Digikey Mouser avr-6
" ATTINY2313V-10PU 2K 128b Digikey Mouser Jameco avr-6
attiny85v_t.jpg ATtiny85V-10PU 8K 512b Mouser Digikey avr-6
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