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The x0x c0ntr0l application employs the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm for application design. This three tier approach seperates the graphical user interface (the view) from the mechanics of the application such as the serial ports, data storage on disk and application logic (the model). The controller is the interface between the object and the view. Messages between the model and view must pass through the controller. These messages must adhere to the specifications listed in this document.

Model <-> Controller Interface

The view can ask the model to:

  • openSerialPort() # Perhaps these happen automatically??
  • closeSerialPort()
  • selectSerialPort(PORT)
  • writepattern(PATTERN, BANK, LOC)
  • readPattern(BANK, LOC)
  • backupAllPatterns(TOFILE)
  • restoreAllPatterns(FROMFILE)
  • sendRunStop()
  • setCurrentBank(BANK)
  • setCurrentLoc(LOC)
  • setTempo(TEMPO)
  • setSync(SYNC)

The model can ask the view to:

  • updateSerialStatus(STATE)
  • updateSelectedSerialPort(PORT)
  • updateSerialPortName(PORT,NAME)
  • updateCurrentPattern(PATTERN)
  • updateLoc(LOC)
  • updateBank(BANK)
  • updateTempo(TEMPO)
  • updateSync(SYNC)
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