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Firmware Wishlist

Pattern Play Mode

Pattern Rotate

Rotate the pattern by single steps.

Suggested Implementation: Hold down 'CHAIN' and hit 'PREV' or 'NEXT' to rotate the note in the sequence.

Example: The pattern starts with the first note in the first step of the sequence, but after holding down 'CHAIN' and pressing 'NEXT' three times, the first note of the pattern is now in the fourth step of the sequence.

Sequence Transpose

Transpose the whole pattern up or down while in edit mode.

Suggested Implementation: Hold down 'CHAIN' and use the 'D' and 'U' keys.

Pattern Reverse

Pattern starts playing backwards instead of forwards.

Suggested Implementation: A toggle to start the pattern in reverse. Switch the toggle to play the pattern forward again.

Pattern "Ping-Pong"

Pattern plays forward till it gets to the end, then goes backwards and repeats.

Pattern Loop Point

Pattern can be looped at any point during the sequence.

Suggested Implementation: Press 'DONE' while sequence is playing to generate a loop point. Pressing 'DONE' again returns the loop point to its original position.

Pattern Random

Play random positions from the current pattern.

Shuffle Timing

Shuffle even 16ths by a set amount.

Suggested Implementation: Similar to the TR909 (?).

Pattern Record Mode

Pattern Copy

The ability to store a copy of a pattern in a user-defined bank and pattern slot.

Suggested Implementation: A new function of the 'DONE' key (?). Hold down 'CHAIN' and hit 'DONE', and LED blinks to prompt for the desired bank and pattern slot to write the sequence into.

Switch to Play Mode

Ability to switch from pattern write to pattern play without stopping the sequencer.

Suggested Implementation: Unknown as it is unclear if the hardware would allow for such an operation.

Pattern rotate

Same functionality and implementation as the pattern play version, but with the ability to store your edits. Possibly useful when the random function comes up with a killer line that doesn't drop in on the one.

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