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The Analog Synthesizer

Schematic Overview:AnalogSynthesizer



The AnalogSynthesizer lives on the MainBoard and has five major sections. First off is the VoltageControlledOscillator, which takes an input from the DigitalSequencer, and creates a SquareWave or a SawWave from it. It then sends this waveform to the VoltageControlledFilter, which also takes an input from the EnvelopeGenerator to perform the LowPassFilter and Accent. After that it sends its signal to the VoltageControlledAmplifier, which also gets an input from the EnvelopeGenerator to affect the volume of the notes. Finally this is sent out to the HeadphoneAndMixer section for amplification and mixing.

Block Diagram

Here is a visual overview of the AnalogSynthesizer schematic. Each of the subsections above have their own block diagrams as well. WikiToDo - Update for accuracy.

<draw name=schematicblock namespace=x0x>


The purpose of this page is not fully expressed. Ideally, information about analog synths (possibly including links to other well known ones) would be appropriate. Or you can delete it. I just figured it would be good form and format to include a more general overview of the synth and synth technology. - AngryChef

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