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Wikis have come a long way and while I used to automatically reject them as a collaborative medium there seem to be some specific functions they're good at!

DokuWiki is neat because: its PHP/javascript, has ACLs, has a wysiwyg editor, etc. Yay DokuWiki!

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Right now, we have the following 'projects' hosted here. These projects will eventually get folded into but while they're not quite ready for release (or often edited) so they'll sit here for a bit!






best GS3 case

I wanted the thinnest case I could get, So I checked out the Spigen galaxy s3 case (i think it's called the "Air") and this Elago case. Both are near identical. The Spigen, although thinner, doesn't stay on the phone as well (I suspect because the case is so thin, there's not much for the phone to clasp onto. I can barely tell the difference when I have either of the cases on that one is thicker. I will say the nice thing about the Spigen one is that it came with a screen protector (at a cost). I ended up keeping the Elago though. The one complaint I have about both cases is that it doesn't cover enough of the bottom or top, it comes up through the corners, but they could of added another centimer of protection.

I initally purchased this Elago case in white, then got it in blue. The feel of different colors is significantly different. This blue/indigo case feels like a plastic with a soft rubber coating whereas the white one was a glossy plastic. Both have their ups and down sides.

This is one of the best galaxy s3 cases, especially for the pebble blue version, I searched online and the color tone of this case is almost same as that of the phone, no other case color came close to it. Very comfortable, sleek, very well designed. Must for Pebble blue verion.

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