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Here is a list of independent Electronic Kit makers. I try to keep this updated often but its certainly not complete.

Big Biz

I don't consider these companies to be independent kit makers but I include them for completeness' sake

Music & MIDI Kits

A/V Kits

RF (Radio) Kits

  • TAPR sells all sort of kits for ham radio and other RF meddling
  • Kazunori Miura Sells a $30 DDS adapter board kit based on the AD9833

LED kits


  • Altairkit a complete reproduction of the 8800!
  • Enigma-E Electronic Enigma (WWII cypher) machine kit
  • replica 1 an Apple I reproduction

Microcontroller kits

  • Tux Graphics O.S. based microcontroller stuff
  • Embedded Projects Shop sells a USB AVR programmer (Warning: you need a programmer in order to make this kit work, a real catch-22)


Clock kits

  • Frank Techniek Nixie/scope/binary clock kits and more.
  • DutchTronix make a nifty little oscilloscope vector clock kit
  • Tube Clock Makes some basic 4 & 6 nixie tube clock kits
  • Denkimono Neat alarm clock kit that, well, just don't take it to the airport with you
  • Share Brained Analog retro meter clock


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