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Shipping, Taxes and Tarrifs

When you get your x0xb0x, you might be hit with extra taxes and tarrifs, depending on the point of delivery. This should only be a rough guide as to what the extra costs are.

When posts are added to the Actual Cost Thread They should be added here.

Country Extra Taxes x0xer
Australia none no-fi
Austria 60 EUR VAT + 8 EUR postal charges ottob
Canada 31 CAD Jonnay
Canada 62 CAD xonox
Canada 72.15 CAD Discovolante
France none ToFiC
France none snakez
France none LysergicBassLine
Germany none anon
Germany 49,48 EUR creekree
Germany 54,63 EUR Dimi
Ireland none CoolRunning
Norway 110 USD error1
Sweden 529 SEK for VAT, 63 SEK post office charges dar
Sweden 572 SEK for VAT, 63 SEK post office charges Laztvoyage
Sweden 127 SEK for VAT, 63 SEK post office charges Frebik
Sweden none Krippe
UK 6UKP customs, 37UKP VAT, Parcelforce 'handling fee' 13UKP steev
UK 32.61 UKP 303user
UK 34 UKP VAT ianfuture
UK 30.70 UKP VAT + 8 UKP Handling charlie_says
UK 27.42 UKP VAT + 4 UKP 'international clearance fee' equaliser
Netherlands 59,69 EUR Elektrovolt
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