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The Din Sync Standard

The x0xb0x uses a different pinout on its sync connector! Please see MidiAndSync for details

The SYNC standard was developed by Roland as a way of syncronizing drum machines and sequencers. It has 2 main signals, "clock" and "star/stop". The signals are TTL compatible, so 0V is low, and +5V is high. It uses a cable like midi, but its pinout is different:

Pin Function
1 Start/Stop
3 Clock
4 Unused
5 Unused

If the "Start/stop" line is low, the device is stopped, or should be stoped. If it is high, then it should be started/running.

The Clock signal is either 24 pulses per quarter note, or 48 pulses per quarter note. Most Roland gear is 24ppq, whereas most Korg gear is 48ppq.

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