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 |Total|--|--|--|--|--|$3-$10| |Total|--|--|--|--|--|$3-$10|
 +==== Assembly ​ ====
 +|{{wavebubble:​1.jpg|}}|Place the PCB in your vise. For this assembly diagram I will use the lithium ion board, the AAA board is easier.|
 +|{{wavebubble:​2.jpg|}}|Solder in the DC jack and the FTDI chip. Solderpaste is suggested here.|
 +|{{wavebubble:​3.jpg|}}|Solder in the USB jack. You can now test whether this works by plugging it into a computer.|
 +|{{wavebubble:​4.jpg|}}|Solder in the rest of the components, the low power charging circuitry is not necessary. |
 +|--|If you are using a battery without protection circuitry, attach it. Solder in the battery. The left pad is + and the right pad is -. |
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