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 +We were having difficulty with the MDC vision placement for our leadless parts. When we did a parts test, the vision worked fantastic:
 +But when it came to placement, the parts were always shifted or skewed :(
 +I knew the part definition was OK - but during test, it would try 3 or 4 times to center the part. Whereas for assembly it would take one photo and take it from there. Much sadness.
 +Then I found out that you could make the assembly mode use the '​Closed Loop' vision system. Having taken a Signals and Systems class, I liked the sound of that!
 +  In assembly mode, we have feature so called closed loop which repeat measuring until the target tilt reaches the limit looks like shift+P.
 +  checking your system constant when shipped out, k11's remark starts as " LOse" and if you change it as "​CLOse"​ it become closed loop. (actually first C  makes closed loop)
 +  And k11's first value is the angle limit for parts from tape or stick tube and 30 is approx one degree. current value is 5 and it may too small try 10  (0.3deg)
 +  (2nd value is for parts from tray but also 3 will be too small) ​
 +  Also the last of remark of  k7' is 10 . This is waiting time for image capture but for closed loop you may better to increase to say 90.
 +OK so we went to the **System Constant** spreadsheet and change the **comment** of **k11** to "​CLose..."​ (just the first character). We didn't change the angle limit (still trying to understand it) but we did set the **k7** remark constant to 90
 +The machine now uses closed loop vision, it works much much better for the leadless parts. Will report back on more info
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