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Interesting things in the root filesystem

(placeholder, work in progress)

/psp has files for the timezone, hostname, and a few other things.

For: /psp/network_config

   <configuration allocation="dhcp" key="password" encoding="ascii"
                 encryption="WPA2" auth="WPAPSK" hwaddr="00:D0:4B:32:15:32"
                 ssid="wifinetwork" type="wlan" />  
   This sets up a WiFi connection using WPA2 authentication for the wifinetwork with the password password.
   The hwaddr is the MAC address of the WiFi device.
   This will set up the network automatically when you reboot.
   For more, see:

(add instructions as to which files and how to change them)

/etc/init.d/rcS.background starts the daemons - you might want to add /usr/bin/sshd and/or /usr/bin/inetd (sshd not started by default, clone the httpd line, note network must be up)

   By default, the HTTP daemon is started fairly far down in this script, at:
        # Now that the network is (presumably) up, run our simple webserver.
        [ "x${IS_RECOVERY}" != "x1" ] && /usr/sbin/httpd -h /www
   This is a good place to start SSH and telnet:
        [ "x${IS_RECOVERY}" != "x1" ] && /sbin/sshd
        [ "x${IS_RECOVERY}" != "x1" ] && /usr/sbin/telnetd
   The built in FTP server could be started by adding:
         [ "x${IS_RECOVERY}" != "x1" ] && tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd /files/to/serve &
   But this FTP server does not support STOR, so you can get files from your CHB, but you cannot send them.
   If you follow David Roberts' simple instructions, you can install the Pure FTP server which does work both ways.
   His instructions are at:
   He points you to the releases at:
   The installation took about 15-20 minutes, because it involves recompiling the server, but it works.
   To run the Pure FTP server, add the line:
        [ "x${IS_RECOVERY}" != "x1" ] && /mnt/storage/local/sbin/pure-ftpd &

(add note about ntpdate after wifi is configured)

(check that things are mounted noatime)

(maybe add splash screen info, or do a video page)

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