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 +===== Let's Build Us A Garden =====
 +There is lots of stuff that you can do to help the x0xd0x wiki grow, whether you are a seasoned electronics expert, or a beginning musician who wants to learn how to solder. ​ There is something for everyone.
 +The point of this wiki is to explain everything x0xb0x. ​ From the [[Fabrication]],​ [[Testing]],​ [[mods|Modding]] and [[Playing]],​ to the internal guts of the [[SchematicOverview|Hardware]],​ FirmWare and SoftWare.
 +The mission is to become the best resource not only for the x0xb0x (and by extension the [[TB-303]]),​ but to become a place where one can learn the intricate details of [[diy]] synth building.
 +==== If you are competent with electronics... ====
 +The various details in the [[SchematicOverview]] section need to be checked over, and fleshed out.  You could also check out the [[Mods]] section, as they are in need of some work as well.  You could also offer your words of wisdom in the [[Fabrication]] and [[Testing]] sections. ​ The page VerifyMe has a list of all the pages that need serious help.  ​
 +==== If you have already built your x0xb0x... ====
 +Share your experiences in the [[Fabrication]] and [[Testing]] sections. ​ Chances are you found a few things that did, or didn't work, that would help out the rest of the world. ​ Also, consider contributing your hints and tips on how you make your x0xb0x scream '​acid'​ to the [[Playing]] section.
 +==== If you are competent with wikis... ====
 +The meta-wiki here is sorely lacking. ​ There needs to be more information about how to use wikis and how to contribute to wikis. ​ The community aspect of this wiki needs to be played up some more as well.
 +==== If you are competent with language... ====
 +Right now the wiki is in dump-mode. ​ Information is just getting dumped on to pages. ​ There are spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere. ​ If you are willing to spell check and fix some of the rougher paragraphs out there, go nuts.
 +==== If you are competent with design and typography... ====
 +The wiki [[wiki:​syntax]] has some limited facilities to change the typography and style. ​ Check it out and see if you can make it better. ​ We could also use a nicer template then the one we got.  Something customized. ​ Talk to [[.users:​Jonnay]] about that if you have some ideas.
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