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 ===== Jonnay ===== ===== Jonnay =====
-Creator of this wiki.  It is hosted on my machine. ​ I also appear to be the primary content writer ​at this point, though hopefully that will change.+Creator of this wiki.  It was hosted on my machine, but is now no longer.  I was the primary content writer ​in the long long ago
 The x0xb0x was my first real foray into electronics.  ​ The x0xb0x was my first real foray into electronics.  ​
 +I still use and love my x0xb0x. ​ I even have two.
 +I have 2 releases, both featuring a x0x:
 +  * "​Lemons"​ http://​​jonnay/?​song=915
 +  * "N20 Mask (remixed by Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss) http://​​Chris_Liberator__Sterling_Moss/?​song=916
 ==== Contact ==== ==== Contact ====
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   Web : http://​   Web : http://​
   Blog : http://​   Blog : http://​
-  Wiki : http://​ 
   Email :   Email :
-==== Wiki Mail Box ==== 
-Use this space if you want to contact me via wiki. 
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