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 +===== Midi, USB and Sync Section Fabrication =====
 +==== USB Section ====
 +The USB section contains a surface mount chip.  If you are at all unsure about soldering SMD parts, then you can get your x0xb0x built with the USB section built and tested for you for an extra 25 bucks. ​ This is a good idea!
 +<note classic> **WorkOnMe:​** Someone else needs to write this section up </​note>​
 +==== Jacks and Connectors ====
 +When soldering in the MIDI/​DINSYNC connectors, make sure to '​pre-stress'​ them as they are a little flimsy. ​ To do so press them back so that the face is flush with the PCB while soldering them in.
 +Be sure to use lots of solder on all of the connector components to make a good mechanical bond. The stresses of plugging and unplugging into the various I/O points may over time cause the solder joints to fail.
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