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 +===== Difficulty Rating =====
 +<box 20% green left| Stats>
 +**Total Components:​** 500\\
 +**Heat Sensitive:​** Transistors,​ ICs\\
 +**Polarity:​** Electrolytic Caps, Tantalum Caps, Diodes, Transistors,​ ICs
 +Originally difficulty rating was just going to be an estimate of how hard it would be to construct each section, however, with a little bit of math and common sense, we can probably come up with a better number.
 +There would be some kind of relationship to the total number of components, number of heat sensitive components, and number of components with polarity. ​ We are going to try this one out, to see if it works and makes sense. ​ If you have any other suggetions, please post them!
 +For now the difficulty is defined as:
 +  (C/T + H/C + P/C) * 10
 +Where C is the components in the section, T is the total number of components, H is the number of heat sensitive components, and P is the number of components with polarity.
 +The problem with this math is that it gives the VCO a difficulty of 6, and the envelope a difficulty of 6.  This is dumb, because the VCO has penty more components then the envelope
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