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-Women are much better equipped to divide their attention among several actions or chores. But men have an eye for something nice that women find similarly desirable. Clearly men that use web marketing may make money while their products or services ​is being promoted on Pinterest. When someone pins an image, it shows up on their network of like-minded followers, which in turn exposes ​the brand to more people within the market and helps them obtain more followers. Sounds easy, ain't it? Women usually pin things they love or are most looking for. And men can do the same on Pinterest as there is more than likely a need and interest for this. So setting up a board that encourages users to produce cheeky sayings to a photo that includes your product or service on is a good way of getting click throughs and potential buyers.+====== This is the wiki ======
-It should be obvious in your day-to-day connection that men and women process information in different ways. We can see men already proclaiming that the experience with pinterest is actually incredible after realizing its successful features. But each pin you are making must be interesting to you and the user on this virtual pinboard which allows the users to share and organize things you love on the internet efficiently. 
-[[http://​​|pinterest like button code]] can link you with your visitors in the world with respect to the mutual passions. There are 2 types of visitors that you want to your site. Those which pin and repin your content and pictures and so forth and the ones that come from those pins and repins. There is room to write small message ​to caption the picture and share the website link where you found it so make good use of this with a "Call to Action"​ asking folks to actually repin or pin things. If one of your objectives is to get free website visitors using very easy approaches this would add an additional coating of visitors to your website guaranteed. ​+Wikis have come a long way and while I used to automatically reject them as collaborative medium there seem to be some specific functions they'​re ​good at!
-As this social photo sharing site is open to use for freethe awareness amongst the people looks like it's growing as the days go by. Right from the day it was introducedit's matured to higher measures. Websites like these pop-up once in a while, and some end up household names. The activities often entail visiting peoples pins, liking and commenting on them and following new people. That being said, here are several tried-and-true suggestions that men may need to look at and share. For everyone that sees picture which sparks an interestthe probability increases that they will click on the image and be brought to the website in the pin.+DokuWiki ​is neat because: its PHP/​javascripthas ACLshas wysiwyg editoretcYay DokuWiki!
-A bit of market research ought to help you just how much discernment to use when you use pinterest to promote with. Leads can be had by pinning items that folks are genuinely interested in. A result of the increase of visible content, the client will no longer have to imagine the item, which experts claim drives sales up! Pinterest is an image serious place and your campaign ought to be as dazzling as it is cunning. So as you can understand, Pinterest is not just for women. In actual fact lots of men already are using it as an additional way to obtain free targeted website traffic and income on the side. When all it takes is just pinning the things you like anyway! 
 +===== Stuff to look at =====
 +Right now, we have the following '​projects'​ hosted here. These projects will eventually get folded into but while they'​re not quite ready for release (or often edited) so they'​ll sit here for a bit!
 +===== Parts =====
 +  * [[findingparts:​start|Finding Parts]]: How to find electronic components
 +  * [[partselector|Part Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common components for DIY/​hobbyists. ​
 +  * [[eaglelibrary|Eagle parts library]]: A collection of Eagle parts footprints
 +  * [[toolselector|Tool Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common tools for DIY/​hobbyists.
 +===== Projects =====
 +  * [[openbench:​start|Open Bench]]: Open source benchtop tools
 +  * [[x0x:​x0xd0x|x0xb0xd0x]]:​ A wiki for the x0xb0x
 +  * [[wavebubble:​start|Wave Bubble]]: A wiki for the Wave Bubble
 +  * [[tempcontroller|Temperature Controller]]:​ A project!
 +  * [[derivatives|Other people'​s projects]]: A list of projects, ideas, calls for help and such related to, or inspired by the good Lady Ada's work
 +===== Resources =====
 +  * [[MDCpickandplace|Pick and place info]]: Specifically for the MDC machines
 +  * [[SMT|Surface Mount Technology]]:​ Notes & stuff 
 +  * [[laserinfo:​start|Laser Info]]: All sort of references and tips about laser cutters
 +  * [[kitmakers|Kit Makers]]: A list of kit makin' peeps
 +  * [[pcbchecklist|PCB checklist]]:​ Before getting PCBs made, I go through this list
 +  * [[pcbsuppliers|PCB Suppliers]]:​ Where to get your PCBs made
 +  * [[mintyboost:​v3_compatibility_list|Mintyboost v3 compatibility list!]]: What works
 +  * [[chumbyhackerboard|Chumby Hacker Board]]: Some tips and tutorials
 +  * [[knittingmachine|Hackin'​ and moddin'​ Becky'​s Brother 940]]
 +  * [[tutorials:​tftlcdidentify]]
 +===== Products =====
 +  * [[products:​microtouch:​index.html|MicroTouch]]
 +  * [[products:​usbboarduino:​index.html|USB Boarduino]]
 +  * [[products:​i2cspilcdbackpack:​index.html|I2C/​SPI LCD backpack]]
 +  * [[products:​atmega32u4breakout:​index.html|Atmega32u4 Breakout Board+]]
 +  * [[products:​ledstrip:​index.html|LED strips]]
 +===== Tutorials =====
 +  * [[adacomputer|My preferred business/​tronix computer]]
 +  * [[tutorials:​zencartmods:​index.html|Zencart (OScommerce) mods]]: My tweaks to our favorite open source shopping cart software
 +  * [[documentation|Kit documentation]]
 +  * [[private|Private]]:​ Staging
 +  * [[arduino:​libraryinstall|Library Install]]: How to install Arduino libraries
 +  * [[ftditest|FTDI Testing]]: Check your cable!
 +  * [[arduino:​unofaq|UNO FAQ]]: Everything you want to know about the new Arduino UNO (but have been afraid to ask)
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