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Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor Eagle lib
12termblock_t.jpg Phoenix 2.54mm/0.1" Terminal blocks These are a little pricey but handy because they are 0.1" spacing
so you can put them where normally you'd have header
The links go to 2 pin connectors, but up to 14+ pins are available
Mouser Digikey
4ucon 0.1 spring terminal These are 0.1" pitch, dual row spring terminals. Rows are spaced 0.2" apart. Accepts 30 to 20AWG wire. $1.5 per item for a 20 pin block. The nice thing about them is you can actually split them apart and build up your own widths. 4ucon
termblock-big2_t.jpg Tyco 1776275-x 3.5mm blocks These are 3.5mm so require a PCB layout
You can snap 2 and 3 pin ones together to make any size
Digikey Mouser 4ucon Adafruit:1x2
termblock-big2_t.jpg Molex 39880-030x and OSTT 5.08mm blocks These are 0.2" spacing, so you can use them in breadboards Mouser (shorter)
Digikey (taller)
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