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 Add suggestions for additions/​changes to this wiki here. Add suggestions for additions/​changes to this wiki here.
 +  * IDC 6-pin/​10-pin connectors like those used on JTAG/SPI cables?
 +  * [[http://​​Search/​ProductDetail.aspx?​R=PC900V0NSZXFvirtualkey56850000virtualkey852-PC900V0NSZXF|Sharp PC-900V Optocouopler]] - for MIDI connections
 +  * Also, I found these wonderful tact switches! [[http://​​Search/​ProductDetail.aspx?​R=SKRGAQD010virtualkey68800000virtualkey688-SKRGAQD010|ALPS SKRGAQD010]] ​ They are perfect for breadboarding - you don't need to straighten the pins to force them in the breadboard.
 + --- //​[[|Dan Wobser]] 2012/06/06 13:13//
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 +I would like to see some suggestions for buck/boost converters that could handle in the 8-16A range (5-24V range maybe?) and some diodes that could handle the same.  It would also be nice to have some optoisolator suggestions.
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