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 Add suggestions for additions/​changes to this wiki here. Add suggestions for additions/​changes to this wiki here.
 +  * IDC 6-pin/​10-pin connectors like those used on JTAG/SPI cables?
 +  * [[http://​​Search/​ProductDetail.aspx?​R=PC900V0NSZXFvirtualkey56850000virtualkey852-PC900V0NSZXF|Sharp PC-900V Optocouopler]] - for MIDI connections
 +  * Also, I found these wonderful tact switches! [[http://​​Search/​ProductDetail.aspx?​R=SKRGAQD010virtualkey68800000virtualkey688-SKRGAQD010|ALPS SKRGAQD010]] ​ They are perfect for breadboarding - you don't need to straighten the pins to force them in the breadboard.
 + --- //​[[|Dan Wobser]] 2012/06/06 13:13//
 +Just received some APEM 25136NAH slide switches from Digikey (part [[http://​​scripts/​DkSearch/​dksus.dll?​Detail&​name=679-1887-ND|679-1887-ND]]) and they'​re very, very nice.  0.1" pin spacing, but rated for 4A!  A bit pricey at $4 each, but the action is smooth.
 + --- //​[[|Paul J. Ste. Marie]] 2011/05/25 10:54//
 +A good general purpose N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET in the 200-800 mA range to go with the P-channel one. Generally something that can be switched on by logic and drive IR LEDs and the like.
 +The adafruit parts library has the [[http://​​ds/​FQ/​FQN1N50C.pdf|FQN1N50C]] ([[http://​​scripts/​DkSearch/​dksus.dll?​Detail&​name=FQN1N50CTACT-ND|Digikey]]),​ with an Vdss max of 500v, Idm of 380mA, but a Vgs(th) max of 4v.
 +Poking around at Digikey, I found the [[http://​​datasheets/​ZVN4206AV.pdf|ZVN4206AV]] ([[http://​​scripts/​DkSearch/​dksus.dll?​vendor=0&​keywords=ZVN4206AV-ND|Digikey]]),​ with an Vdss max of 60v, Idm of 600mA, and a Vgs(th) max of 3v.
 + --- //​[[|Paul J. Ste. Marie]] 2011/05/13 12:17//
   * I would like to see information about trim resistors/​potentiometers.   * I would like to see information about trim resistors/​potentiometers.
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 How about solder paste, flux etc. ? How about solder paste, flux etc. ?
 +I was looking for something like a breadboard, but a PCB board. ​ I wanted to take my project from breadboard to PCB.  I found one from BUSBOARD Prototype Systems, the SB400.
 +I would like to see suggestions for relays or other devices for controlling household AC devices with something like an Arduino. (e.g. a "​Clapper"​) - hghowe 03/26/2011
 +      -Check out the power switch Tail, it does about like what you want, it lets you use a small current from something like the ardunio, with a Relay and that stuff inside, tucked away saftley ( here: [[http://​​index.php?​main_page=product_info&​cPath=44&​products_id=268L|Power Switch Tail at Adafruit Store]]
 +I would like to see some suggestions for buck/boost converters that could handle in the 8-16A range (5-24V range maybe?) and some diodes that could handle the same.  It would also be nice to have some optoisolator suggestions.
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