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Add suggestions for additions/changes to this wiki here.

  • I would like to see information about trim resistors/potentiometers.
  • I'd like to see an extra column for the various electronic components with sources for Eagle Libraries that have the part/footprint for that component.
    • Thats the plan…we have to get more info in first :) — ladyada 2010/01/31 12:05

Switches and matching caps, which make projects look so much more done than normal tactile switches…:) Also maybe "key" switches which are taller and have a more polished look to them

TC4428 mosfet driver, for boosting current or inverting polarity to mosfets,etc directly from a microcontroller.

Optoisolators, for the ultimate in protection for a microcontroller output (classics for MIDI inputs: PC900/6N137).

I'd like to suggest the 65©02, just because it was a big game changer, and because i LOVED programming it in machine language (4C:JMP - Absolute Jump - yay!)

MAX232/233 for serial RS-232 comms. Also FT232RL

MAX7219 for single colour LED matricies


74*14 under either logic or timers: a single schmitt inverter and an RC network make a cheap and easy oscillator (page 5). Charge the cap with a transistor and use a diode to dump the cap to the inverter's output, and you get a wide-range VCO. Wire all six inverters in a ring with caps between Y3-A4/Y6-A1, drop resistors to ground at A4/A1, and tap Y2/Y5 for a complementary, non-overlapping clock. Any of those three applications should have a total parts cost of less than a quarter.

7660-compatible DC/DC converters: LTC1044 and LTC1054 (switching frequency outside of the audio range, the second one more robust to high input voltages)

4051 Multiplexer (eg for scanning a lot of pots…)

PCB pots (eg P3K1103-ND on digikey, alps)

Your transistor section doesnt have any mosfets. What through hole mosfets are good for prototyping?

  • 2N7000 is a very common N-Channel TO-92. DATASHEET -Brett W. 3-6-2010
  • IRFZ44 for more power N-Channel TO-220. DATASHEET -Brett W. 3-6-2010
  • Also search for the P-Channel compliments to these, and research logic-level MOSFETs. -Brett W. 3-6-2010

A list of the board houses (PCB MFGs) that you and others use. -Brett W. 3-6-2010

A second vote for reliable linear pots, rotary pots and quadrature rotary encoders for use on front panel UIs, with caps and knobs that fit! Sorting these out has always been an expensive hit-and-miss task of buying and trying.

Page - I suggest adding these links to 4UCON Ref (Only Digikey Ref for the moment)

I was a bit confused when the "crystals and clocks" section didn't have any clocks, only to find them later under "integrated circuits". Seems to make more sense to call that section "crystals and resonators" or just "crystals". — Kevin Granade 2010/09/24 12:05

  • Logic-level MOSFETS, especially power MOSFETS
  • Multi-turn linear pots
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