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Shipping materials

Photo Item name Distributor & Part #
Big-bubble wrap (perf) ULine S-3223P
Little-bubble wrap (perf) ULine S-2501P
Small (6"x10") padded mailers
For sending small kits
ULine S-7529
Large (8.5"x12") padded mailers
For sending a few kits/larger kits
ULine S-7531
Indestructo mailer
For Arduino Starter packs
ULine S-430
s_974_m.jpg Indestructo mailer
for smaller packs
Uline S-974
Rectangular box (10x6x4)
For medium-sized orders/SpokePOVs & clocks
ULine S-4101
Larger box (13"x10"x5")
'x0xb0x' boxes
ULine S-4854

Free USPS supplies

Photo Item name Distributor & Part #
Small Priority Mail 'video' box USPS 0-1096S
Large Priority Mail 'video' box USPS 0-1096L
Priority Mail 'Cube' box USPS O-BOX4
Express mail customs form envelope USPS 2976E
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