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Here is a collection of all the Open Source Hardware projects I've been able to track down In general, a project must have some electronic component and have at least firmware open. Software doesn't count, sorry! "Open source" in this case is strictly defined by the OSI Open Source License definition. Bizarre and/or restrictive licenses don't count.


Projects must be at least started to be counted here!

Cores (Chip designs)


  • OpenServo a replacement control board for standard robotics servos

Fab tools


  • Monome 40h Open firmware/software general purpose sequencer
  • GlitchDesk Highly Liquid's patchbay
  • Daisy MP3 MP3 player
  • Butterfly MP3 MP3 player designed with AVR Butterfly devkit
  • Neuros Open "Set-top" Digital Audio Player
  • x0xb0x Open source monophonic MIDI synthesizer (one of my projects)

Development platforms

  • Balloon Board Open PXA270 based linux-y dev board
  • Arduino Pedagogical physical-computing platform
  • Chumby Open source linux/wifi/sensors device, available retail for $200


Projects that are NOT open hardware


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