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We celebrated an early Christmas here at Sparkfun, thanks to the speedy delivery of our much needed second Pick and Place. As we work to push both machines to capacity, we're trying to find time to share some of our experience with you. Bear with us; we'll keep on adding more as we find more time and think of other helpful or cool information to 'wikify'.

  • Testimonials - Read what Sparkfun machine operators have to say about Manncorp Pick and Place products and service
  • MC383V1 - All the specs, costs, manuals, and other stuff for our first Manncorp Pick and Place
  • MC384F1 - Specs, costs, manuals, and other info relating to our new machine, just arrived December 4th

You won't find the 383V listed in the above link, as it's an older machine, but you can see what's available if you're looking into buying new. Be sure to register for free on Manncorp's site, as registering unlocks a lot more content.

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