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-We celebrated an early Christmas here at Sparkfun, thanks to the speedy delivery of our much needed second Pick and Place. As we work to push both  
-machines to capacity, we're trying to find time to share some of our experience with you. Bear with us; we'll keep on adding more as we find more time 
-and think of other helpful or cool information to '​wikify'​. 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun|Testimonials]] - Read what Sparkfun machine operators have to say about Manncorp Pick and Place products and service 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun|MC383V1]] - All the specs, costs, manuals, and other stuff for our first Manncorp Pick and Place 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun|MC384F1]] - Specs, costs, manuals, and other info relating to our new machine, just arrived December 4th 
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