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 +While Sparkfun now operates both an MC-383V and an MC-384F, the machines are quite similar and the 383V is no longer manufactured. Therefore, I have listed specs for the 384. Below the specifications info are detailed a few of the differences between the two machines.
 +**MC-384F Features, Specifications,​ and Costs**
 +    * Head-Mounted Vision Cameras and Cognex ® Vision Processing for Non-Contact "​On-the-Fly"​ Alignment of SMDs from 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201 Footprint) to 16 mm x 14 mm, including flip-chips, CSPs, and µBGAs
 +    * Bottom Vision Camera for Large Components up to 38 mm x 38 mm, including Fine-Pitch .020" (0.5 mm) QFPs
 +    * Large 14.5" (370 mm) x 13.4" (340 mm) Placement Area with 128 Individual 8 mm or 12 mm Smart Tape Feeders Installed
 +    * Additional Time-Pressure Dispense Head or Micro-Dispensing Head and ATP Digital Dispensing System Available for Application of Solder Paste and Adhesives at Dot Sizes Down To 6 mil (.015 mm) Diameter
 +    * DC-Servo Drive with Closed Loop Encoding in All Four Axes (X, Y, Z, and R) for Placement Accuracy of ± .05 mm (± .002"​);​ Precision Ball Screw Propulsion in X and Y Axes; Linear X-Y Drive Optional
 +    * Windows ®-based Operating System and MC-300 Series Control Software with Programming via Direct Numeric Data Entry, Teach-Mode, or CAD Conversion and Download; Fully-Integrated Dispensing Software
 +    * Remote Diagnostic Capability and Full One-Year Warranty
 +Placement Rate 4000 cph
 +Maximum PCB Capacity 14.5" (370 mm) x 13.4" (340 mm) with maximum
 +128 Smart Tape Feeders installed.
 +17.1" (435 mm) x 13.4" (340 mm) with feeder bases mounted on only the front and rear of the system.
 +Tape Feeder Capacity Up to 128 Manncorp 8/12 mm Smart Tape Feeders
 +Component Size Min.: 0201 (0.6 mm x 0.3 mm)
 +Max. w/ Vision-on-the-Fly:​
 +0.63" (16 mm) x 0.55" (14 mm)
 +Max. w/ Bottom Vision:
 +1.5" (38 mm) x 1.5" (38 mm)
 +Component Lead Pitch .020" (0.5 mm) min. standard
 +Placement Accuracy ± .002" (± .05 mm)
 +Drive Mechanism DC-Servo Motor (X, Y, Z, and R Axes) with Closed-Loop Encoding;
 +Precision Ball Screw (X-Y Axes) standard
 +Resolution X-Y Axes: .0003" (0.0075 mm)
 +Z Axis: .0008" (0.02 mm)
 +R Axis: 0.045° (through full 360° range of motion)
 +Dimensions 41" (1030 mm) L x 37" (940 mm) W x 49" (1250 mm) H
 +Weight 880 lb. (400 kg)
 +Voltage Requirements 120 V AC
 +Air Pressure 75 psi (min.)
 +**Manncorp MC-300 Smart Feeders Key Features**
 +    * New, Slim-Profile Hardware Design for Maximum Feeder Mounting and Utilization
 +    * Built-In Memory Module Links Individual Tape Feeders to Specific Component Data (value, lot code, date code, quantity, package type, index increment, etc.)
 +    * Data Values Written to Memory Modules are Retained When Feeders are Removed from Machine or Until Overwritten
 +    * Connection Through Feeder Port and Base Links Smart Feeders to Known Location on Pick and Place Machine for Optimized Setups or Quick Changeover
 +    * Automatic, Vision-Assisted Closed-Loop Adjustment of Smart Tape Feeder Pickup Position to Compensate for Loose Packaging Tolerance
 +    * Ultra-Smooth,​ Electronic Tape Indexing and Adjustable Peel-Back Tensioner
 +    * Optional 2 mm Minimum Indexing for Small 0201 and 0402 Devices
 +    * Optional Bar Code Reader for Component Data Entry and Verification Prior to Assembly
 +  * Machine base cost lists at $44,995
 +  * Feeders range from $550 to $2000 depending on size and type
 +  * Be sure to register on [[https://​​pick-and-place/​mc384/​|Manncorp'​s site]] for all the most up-to-date pricing and info.
 +**MC-383V Differences**
 +  * First of all, there aren't many differences. The 383 is a fine machine that continues to serve us reliably over 14 hours a day.
 +  * The 384 does feature improvements to the bearings in the worm drive, allowing for a couple speed settings faster than that of which the 383 is capable.
 +  * The cameras on the 384 are a bit improved.
 +  * That's really about all we've found...although it did come with a nicer, widescreen monitor.
 +  * Check with the nice folks at [[https://​​pick-and-place/​mc384/​|Manncorp]] for more info about the differences between specs for these machines...or look at the [[https://​​pick-and-place/​mannautocat2.pdf|brochure for the entire MC Series]].
 +  * At the time of this writing, there was a refurbished MC-383L2OV on Manncorp'​s site for $24,995! Be sure to check their [[https://​​used-equipment/​|used equipment page]].
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