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-[[Manncorp Manual ​for the MC-384F]]+  * The [[http://​​manuals/​Autotronik_manual.pdf|official manual]] from [[http://​​|]]...It was too big (50Mb)for this wiki, so I had to load it onto Sparkfun'​s site. 
 +  * Also from Autotronik [[http://​​manuals/​PnPCPUmanual.pdf|manual ​for the CPU card]]. 
 +  * A handy [[http://​​manuals/​Main_Operations_Chart.pdf|flow chart]] we made for basic pick and place operations order. 
 +  * An [[http://​​manuals/​Learn_Manually.pdf|in-house training manua]]l we created for new operators. 
 +A shout out to Theta Software for their [[http://​​chmtopdf.htm|CHM to PDF Converter]],​ used to create the pdfs of these chm help files. 
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