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 +===== Adjusting 8mm Feeders for thicker components =====
 +Setting up the feeders
 http://​​index.php/​Blog/​Misc/​MDC-Pick-and-Place-Setup-Tutorial.html http://​​index.php/​Blog/​Misc/​MDC-Pick-and-Place-Setup-Tutorial.html
 +===== Adjusting 8mm Feeders for thicker components =====
 +If you try to feed thicker 8mm tape through the standard 8mm reel configuration,​ the parts may pop out of place when the tape advances because they catch on the bottom. ​ To accomodate thicker parts (like 1.5mm high 0805 10uF caps, etc.), you can remove the plastic guide underneath the tape as follows. ​ This allows more bottom clearance for the tape.
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