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 **General Surplus parts and components** **General Surplus parts and components**
 +[[http://​​|Dan'​s Small Parts and Kits]]
 +A wide variety of transistors,​ diodes, inductors, caps, crystals, discreet RF devices, standoffs, connectors etc.
 +[[http://​​directory|Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories]]
 +lots of fun kits, cool "​BulbDial"​ clock, awesome 12" and 2.3" 7 segment displays, LEDs, ICs, Servos, Stepper motors, tools, Proto and bread board stuff. Ribbon, Servo and USB cables.
 +[[https://​​webapp/​wcs/​stores/​servlet/​StoreCatalogDisplay?​langId=-1&​storeId=10001&​catalogId=10001/​|Jameco Electronics]]
 +Lots of parts and you can order a paper catalog. they also have grab bags of lots of commonly used parts(LEDs, resistors, capacitors, 7 segment displays, stand offs and hardware, etc.)
 +[[http://​​|Tayda Electronics]]
 +[[http://​​c/​34425/​electronic-components/​|eCrater]] ​
 +Lots of random stuff on the rest of the website.
 +[[http://​​products.html/​|Engineering Shock Electronics]]
 +[[https://​​search/​results?​term=vacuum+pump&​what=products/​|Sparkfun Electronics]]
 +[[http://​​|Mouser Electronics]]
 +[[http://​​store/​|Robot Shop]]
 +Lots of Robotics parts, servos, kits.
 +[[http://​​|Little Bird Electronics]]
 [[http://​​|All Electronics Corp.]] [[http://​​|All Electronics Corp.]]
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 [[http://​​|Brigar Electronics Inc.]] [[http://​​|Brigar Electronics Inc.]]
-Very few things at their site, but worth checking for odd ball parts.+website no longer active
 [[http://​​|Fair Radio Sales Company Inc.]] [[http://​​|Fair Radio Sales Company Inc.]]
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 [[http://​​|NightFire Electronic Kits]] [[http://​​|NightFire Electronic Kits]]
 Lots of SMT parts assembled as kits. Lots of SMT parts assembled as kits.
 +[[http://​​ |RapidLED]]
 +Cree and Philips high power leds pre-soldered to stars.
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