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The Chumby hacker board does not have Wireless capability built in, but its very easy to add! The best dongle to use is the TP-LINK TL-WN321G which has drivers ready to go.

Connecting to your WiFi network

Plug in the dongle

Run iwconfig wlan0 scan to list all the local networks

Find your network, we'll connect to adafruit (not listed here, just substitute your own connection name)

Configure the wlan adapter (we'll be using WEP here, WPA is more complex)

  • Set the WiFi password with iwconfig wlan0 enc XXXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXXXX is your 10 digit hexadecimal WEP password (ps. our password isnt really DEADBEEF00)
  • Set the channel to match the one in the iwlist output with iwconfig wlan0 channel NN
  • Set the network you want to connect to with iwconfig wlan0 essid adafruit where adafruit is substituted with your network name

You should get a [ 1932.400000] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0: link becomes ready response from the kernel

Start DHCP

DHCP will let you get your IP, route and DNS right from the router

You'll need to remount root so that dhclient can edit it

Start up the wlan0 connection

Then run dhclient

You should be able to ping!

Set up IP & DNS

Say you don't have DHCP or don't want to use DHCP for some reason.

Pick an IP address, and ifconfig wlan0 <ipaddress> up to give yourself an IP address

Don't forget to add a default route, through your router

If you want DNS you'll have to remount the root directory rw and edit /etc/resolv.conf

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