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-====== Ada-kompute! ====== 
-For my work, hobby and business, I need COMPUTING POWER! However, my needs are kinda picky and it took me many days to narrow down the '​ideal'​ hacking computer. Here is what my specifications were 
-  - **Must have hardware/​motherboard parallel port (printer port).** Parallel ports are the pinkie toe of electronics hacking. Youd think they'd be gone by now but nooo, they'​re still there, hanging around and often necessary for using older software/​hardware/​schems. I use them a lot for talking to laser and label printers, CPLD/FPGA programmers,​ bitbanging all sorts of stuff, programming chips via PonyProg, etc.. USB-parallel converters aren't good enough due to the slowness from the USB layer. Hardware parallel ports are just damn handy! 
-  - **Must have hardware/​motherboard serial port** (COM/Modem port). Two if you can. These are more common than parallel ports. You can use USB-serial ports for most things but sometimes you need the hardware speed of an onboard serial port especially if you're doing some funky bitbanging. 
-  - **Should be small**, we dont got a lot of room here at adafruit. 
-  - **Lots of USB ports.** Both on the outside and on the motherboard. Especially for the shipping computer theres just tons of stuff that needs to plug in - programmers,​ barcode scanners, scales, backup usb keys, Arduinos. You can also use hubs. 
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